Fashion Design Studio

We are Studio Chiassai, a fashion design studio founded in 1995 which specializes in creative consultancy. With a team of expert fashion designers under the guidance of Stefano and Corinna Chiassai, Studio Chiassai develops ideas, materializes visions and designs atmospheres, transforming them into collections for national and international men’s and women’s fashion brands. We are a multidisciplinary and dynamic creative consultancy studio dedicated to enhancing brands by transforming ideas into reality.

Meet the Team

The founders

Stefano Chiassai and Alessandra Dall’Anese are the founders of the creative design studio. The ’80s and ’90s witness Stefano Chiassai as one of the prominent emerging designer, not only establishing the brand under his own name but also playing a key role in providing consultancy for some of the most significant fashion brands of those years. In 1995, thanks to the collaboration with Alessandra Dall’Anese, the design studio is founded. While today Alessandra is the studio CEO, Stefano’s creative director role is focused on leading the studio projects and various creative collaborations.

The creative directors

Since 2017 Stefano’s creative role has been supported by Corinna Chiassai. Together they share the creative responsibilities and the projects based on the brand’s direction.

The design team

We believe in the importance of the team in the design process, and that is why we carefully select our designers, not only based on their skills and talents, but also on their work attitude and ethic. We always aim to have a good balance combining expert designers with a strong background and experience, with younger fresh talents that can integrate new skills and technologies into our design process. Together we are stronger.

Research, Emotion, Evolution, Experience, Sinergy

Our Vision

5 key words belong to our working method and creative vision:

  1. Research / Research is what everything starts with. We believe that creativity needs to be nurtured through constant curiosity and openness in understanding the fast changes of the industry.
  2. Emotion / Emotion and energy are the engine of our creative work.
  3. Evolution / We believe that an idea is not a static concept, but a dynamic one. We aim to combine creativity with flexibility and a problem-solving approach.
  4. Experience / Thanks to more than 40 years in the fashion industry, we can proudly say that we have a vast knowledge and expertise in the field.
  5. Sinergy / Teamwork is an essential part of our work vision. Be it within the team or the brands we collaborate with.