Creative Consultancy

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Creative Consultancy

Our design studio is a creative hub where everything originates from thought, and where the keyword is research. We design, conceptualize, sketch and illustrate clothing and accessory collections. We create original concepts to design unique menswear and womenswear collections. By curating every aspect of the creative process – from trends and market research to fabric selection, graphic design, illustration, and technical drawings – we ensure the seamless transition from an initial concept to the final product. Our design studio is a dynamic environment where creativity, technical expertise, and market awareness converge to bring fashion concepts to life.

Our Expertise

Our multi-disciplinary design approach has allowed us with the years to collaborate on many aspects of the creative industry and different sizes of projects. From luxury to contemporary brands. Our expertise varies in all product categories of ready to wear and accessories. The more than 40 years’ experience in the field, allow us to have an extensive knowledge on fabric and textile design, combined with a vast network of manufacturers, suppliers, partners, and collaborators, to support every aspect of the collection. Our work method is based on an analytical understanding of the brands’ history and DNA, guiding them towards achieving an aesthetic that reflects their future objective whilst still meeting the latest market needs. That is the reason why every collaboration is tailor made. Our highly skilled design team can support the brand in all design and development process of the collection, by using the latest technology to support all creative aspects: from photoshop, to Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, CLO3D and Midjourney. Our deep understanding of the changes fashion is facing today, is the reason why our design is sustainability oriented.

Our Consultancy Services

  • Creative direction
  • Image direction
  • Brand identity
  • Collection design
  • Collection process coordination
  • Trend research
  • Print and graphic design
  • Fabric design
  • Archive research
...shape atmospheres, and transform ideas into collections