BONOTTOEDITIONS COLLAB - Pop-up installation

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CAOSORDINATO was created as a close collaboration between Stefano and Corinna Chiassai. They created the initial concept and developed the project together.

Inspired by the clothes collected by Stefano Chiassai in his 40 years of research, the outfits in this installation represent an aesthetic universe in which there is only one rule: the creative process must be read and interpreted as a contamination of the past and present in order to give a new identity to the “modern man's wardrobe” through a series of style codes, aesthetic references and emotive impressions.

The installation was staged at the beautiful Palazzo Durini, a historical building on Via Durini in central Milan. A secret garden leads to the BONOTTOEDITIONS space, run by the experimental and innovative textile brand founded by the Bonotto brothers and Cristiano Seganfreddo. BONOTTOEDITIONS beautiful jacquard fabrics were used to cover the background panels for the exhibited outfits.

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