COLLABORA-C-TORS: the team that leads to

A leader always needs different cultural backgrounds alongside him, where every element/person influences the others, generating discussions and CRITICAL reflections. (Photo: Stefano and Alessandra Chiassai)

An intelligent, productive system, organised yet free, dreaming yet logical, capable of welcoming the Past and the Present, of taking suggestions, of breathing Positivity: this is the kind of atmosphere I want in my CREATIVELABORATORY.

We have Talent, Creativity and Sensitivity but the key word in my work is sharing. Sharing skills, attitudes, projects, because without the people that work for me I would never have achieved my dreams or have new ones.

If Alessandra were not beside me, I would not be what I am today. She is the solid, rational part of me, she is the only one that can modulate my flights of fancy, my head-in-the-clouds way of working, my raging perfectionism, my spur-of-the-moment trips and frenetic returns to begin on a new collection.

Alessandra helped me when I was first setting up my team. Over the years, I've learned that success is built on the strength of your team.

Having a team is an effort but to me it's a MOTIVATINGEFFORT that helps people with different skills work together, exchange ideas and DISAGREE from time to time. That's the only way to carry out CREATIVE PROJECTS.

Da sinistra verso destra: Sabina, Michele, Laura, Anna
Left to right: Sabina, Michele, Laura, Anna

I've always thought that people are stronger together. A leader needs different cultural backgrounds alongside him, where every element/person influences the others, generating discussions and CRITICAL reflections.

It wasn't easy to find these 6 Collaborators. I needed strong personalities that could work together and, primarily, have respect for their own and others' work.

So the people I chose may not have been highly experienced but they had a great desire to learn, listen and challenge themselves to grow together. How does that happen?


Firstly, by focusing on growth, with a desire to improve, a passion for fashion and design, a curiosity about new things and the drive to seek them out. My team is made up of Michele, Anna, Cinzia, Laura, Sabina and Lorenzo. I list them in no particular order because they all have equal importance in the construction of what I call my CREATIVELABORATORY. They all have different experiences, some were former students of mine at Polimoda, where I taught for many years, others have completely different backgrounds from what they have now become.

Michele the Sensitivecreator always on the lookout for the NEWDETAIL, Anna the Precisecreator RATIONALELEGANCE, Laura the Organisedcreator EXPLOSIVEGENEROSITY, Sabina the Photo-graphiccreator SEXYCOMPUTER, Lorenzo the Windowdresser DETAILSEXPERT, Cinzia the Wevegotthis ALWAYSPOSITIVE.


There have been times that I've loved them all dearly and others when I've regretted choosing them, but now they are an integral part of my PROFESSIONAL PROJECT. They all have one thing in common and that's the ability to multi-task, to cope with change, to ask continual questions. That's what we do every day: turn problems into solutions, redefine the alternatives and discover the relationships between seemingly different elements.

You don't change a winning team; the secret is knowing how to work well in the locker room.

Our team is busy but we always have fun, and I will always try to work increasingly better in our CREATIVE LOCKER ROOM.

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