CAOSORDINATO – The archive becomes
an inspirational book

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Stefano Chiassai is opening up his 15,000-piece archive (dating from the late 1800s to the present day), which contains men's clothing and accessories collected around the world on his lifelong journey of research, coolhunting and trendsetting.

The idea came to him suddenly one day when he entered his archive and saw in front of him CAOSORDINATO (orderlychaos) made up of 15,000 fragments of his personal and professional history. The idea to “create order out of chaos” eventually morphed into this project – later developed into a book published by Nuova Libra Editrice and an exhibition - which involved mixing archive pieces with contemporary accessories and materials to create a series of timeless outfits free from any transitory classification.
The CAOSORDINATO idea was developed in close collaboration with Stefano Chiassai's daughter and fellow fashion designer, Corinna Chiassai. They created the initial concept and developed the project together.

CAOSORDINATO is a clear declaration of intent for Stefano Chiassai. It reveals his aesthetic universe, his thought process each time he designs a collection, and his own personal vision of men's fashion. The entire project is based on a single rule: the creative process must be read and interpreted as a contamination of past and present, in a series of style codes, aesthetic references and emotive impressions.

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