CAOSORDINATO: exhibition by
Stefano and Corinna Chiassai now ready

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“CAOSORDINATO Anything works a modern man's wardrobe” exhibition presented by Stefano and Corinna Chiassai at Pitti Immagine Filati as part of Vintage Selection no.28.
Stefano Chiassai

The exhibition designed and curated by Stefano and Corinna Chiassai entitled “CAOSORDINATO Anything works a modern man's wardrobe” will be open between 28 June and 1 July., “CAOSORDINATO Anything works a modern man's wardrobe”.

This interesting project includes a book published by Nuova Libra Editrice and the CAOSORDINATO exhibition. The aim is to open up to all the work of the international menswear creative director Stefano Chiassai, created alongside his daughter and fellow designer Corinna Chiassai.

Vincent tratto dal libro Caosordinato
Vincent from the Caosordinato book

On entering the world of Stefano and Corinna Chiassai, it is clear how the old and the new can come together without losing their identity. The exhibition shows how the “modern man's wardrobe” can be an ongoing game of rigour, colour, volume and irony.


The idea came from Stefano Chiassai, who one day saw CAOSORDINATO or ORDERLYCHAOS in his archive of approximately 15,000 pieces of personal and professional history.

The inspiration behind the exhibition came from a desire to “create order out of chaos”, taking pieces from his archive and mixing them with modern accessories and materials to create a new aesthetic universe in which past and present experience ongoing contamination.

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