Some places belong to you - you've dreamed about them, sought them out, and one day you cross the street and realise that that wall must be yours because you've already figured out what it will become.

I feel like that about my home and about my studio, where I work alongside Alessandra and my other collaborators!!

If I think how I have come to “feel at home” in my Studio, I have a sudden flashback as though I've been carried back in time. All the way back to 1988, when a major company decided to invest in my brand, in a collection with my name, Stefano Chiassai, on it.

I was proposing a total look finished off with leather and fabric accessories and leather and knit jackets. Five companies were already distributing my brand and I was pleased with how things were going. Turnover was growing steadily but the need for a single structure to coordinate the business and distribution had arisen.

Everything was ready - the contract, premises in Milan, the family was ready to move, the advertising campaign was already out with the Via San Gregorio address and telephone number. An appointment with the MILANESELAWYER had already been made for the beginning of the year.

All that was needed was for me and my wife Alex to sign the MULTIMILLIONDOLLARCONTRACT. This was a major turning-point that would have totally changed our lives. At the time, we were in Paris on business for fashion week. My collection was being exhibited at SEM in the space reserved for young UPCOMINGDESIGNERS. The word SEM won't mean much to most people now, but in the Eighties it was the most important fashion EVENT, where the world's biggest INTERNATIONALBRANDS showed their collections. It was the French version of PITTIUOMO.

stefano chiassai studio (2)

It was a fashion week like any other. The Paris dates and appointments are still the same and we were also SHOWING at Pitti Uomo! We were split between SEM, Pitti Uomo, buyers and the press. SEM no longer exists but NOTHING else has changed!

That said, the Paris week was one of ANXIOUSREFLECTION and in the end Alessandra and I decided not to sign the MULTIMILLIONDOLLARCONTRACT.

Milan was not OURHOME and a lot of stories circulating around my name had nothing to do with me and this was not the life I wanted for myself or my family.

It was a tough decision that put everything at risk, but at that moment Alex and I were thinking about our FUTURELIFE, not about SUCCESS. We thought about it long and hard, weighing up the pros and cons, and in the end we asked ourselves the same question over and over. Have we made the right decision? Will we be able to continue working from the place where we have decided to live?

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Now I can say with certainty that not signing that contract was the best decision I could make at the time. I haven’t had any second thoughts and I am proud of making that LIFECHOICE.

I must admit it took guts. I worried about MONEY and people kept on telling me that we would never be able to do our job so far away from the cities and people that mattered in the fashion world, i.e. Milan, Paris and London.

This experience led me to draw a conclusion: it doesn't matter where you are or whether you are based in the centre of the world; what really counts is Passion, dedication, determination, Professionalism, Sacrifice, being comfortable with yourself and with others.

This is the best contract you can sign: striving towards your Dream wherever in the “WORLD” you are.

We understood that to do our job well we needed to be far away from the anxious and NEUROTICSYSTEM of the city. We needed a quiet place to set up our studio, a WORKSPACE that could speak for us, tell our story and convey the feeling that we put into our profession.

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I like to think that whoever comes into this CREATIVEHOME can make it their own. They can see the objects within it and identify with this expressive chaos, sensing the story behind it, the emotions that have been expressed, and discover a unique, original MODUSOPERANDI, where the Energy they feel gives an immediate sense of Positivity and VISUALPOWER.

This is my STUDIO and our space, but above all it is a universe where Creativity is experienced in its pure state, where a WORLDOPENSUP.

A LIFESTUDIO containing work, routine, a big Archive and lots of Trips. Lots of CONTINUOUSRESEARCH around the world like a merchant going off in search of inspiration, new ideas, new vocabulary, new energies, new trends, before bringing them back, studying and sharing them in the place I feel “ATHOME” and where I continue to work towards our Dream… SCS STEFANO CHIASSAI STUDIO.

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