photographs, memories and emotions

The role of photography. The responsibility of an (imperfect) shot reflects ourselves. Always. Instants lived and captured in an image. A memory that lives on in an emotion.

What could we imagine of a place we've never seen, what could we remember of a trip to London or a weekend in Tuscany were it not for photographs? Stories, emotions and discoveries exist solely because there are photos of them.

Taking photographs with this in mind builds new visions and different emotional perspectives because photography is also a way of interpreting and challenging real life through representation.

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To me, photography is a kind of therapy for coming into contact with the outside world. If I take a photo of a moving train, I don't stop reality but one of the realities that my eye wants to stop at that moment.
When I look at my photos, I realise that the mistakes or the blurred or wrong exposure reveal myself and the emotions or feelings I was experiencing at the time.

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Each shot is unique. It's not always the best, but every time we capture an instant in time we are doing an important exercise: an emotional waiting game that's about eliminating the superfluous, perhaps forcing ourselves to frame it a certain way in order to convey what we are seeing and above all feeling.

The eye always wins because it is guided by the heart (a romantic yet effective image of what is going on). When I take photos, I already know what I want to capture and how I will frame the shot, perhaps I'll use black and white to give a sense of depth to the scene or a detail on a subway station.

I'm not a fan of perfect, flawless shots. I prefer visual and emotional originality because it allows me to detach from reality and enter a space-time dimension where the senses are focused on grasping a certain idea of the present.

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What fascinates me more than anything else is variables, the things that happen in the moment I decide to take a photo. At that precise moment, I feel a certain way and the photo will reflect that. The personal variable makes each shot (even different shots of the same image) different from all others.

Emotion takes precedence over aesthetics and reality. The objective becomes subjective and the visual search becomes an expression of my deepest soul.

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