The educatingway of a real globetrotter

We met at Milan fashion week 9 years ago and it was a very special meeting for our FASHIONFAMILY.

Sometimes you meet someone out of the ordinary that changes your life and makes you see things in a different light. This happened to me nine years ago when I met Marius during fashion week, when my head was on overload during a casting.

He was sitting down calmly reading a book. I looked at him and he said, “You can read at any time, especially while you're waiting for something!”. This helped me understand what kind of person he is.

Marius is many people all wrapped up into one: a traveller, writer, photographer, athlete and model, but first and foremost a thinker. He is a young Dutch graduate with friends all over the world. He speaks four languages – Dutch, German, English and Italian – which he picked up on his travels. A story like his is perhaps easier to find in Nordic countries, but not in a country like Italy. At 18 years of age, he left the Netherlands with a backpack full of expectations and dreams. He travelled the world studying, earning money as a model, working with Italian, French and American agencies, doing runway shows and major advertising campaigns.

He has worked for designers such as Armani, Versace, Etro, Hugo Boss for its new fragrance, and for big brands like Levi’s, Gant and Morellato.

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We met at Milan fashion week 9 years ago and it was a very special meeting for our FASHIONFAMILY. A meeting that injected new energy into our world, opening up our minds and revealing different universes and dimensions to us. He has even changed the way we think about Italy. He's now been married to my daughter Corinna for five years!

His objective beauty is nothing compared to his inner beauty, his thoughts, his ability to identify with others. His approach is linear, clear and cultured despite his youth. His way of thinking is so clear that when he talks everything seems less complicated, he explains his reasoning in such plain terms that any subject, no matter how complex, seems simpler.

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Marinus Benjamin Hordijk, MARIUS to everyone, is sensitive, attentive towards others, always interested in what other people have to say. He's a good listener - a skill almost no one has in Italy anymore because people only talk about themselves and showing off has become the national sport!

Marius is almost like an alien. He lets others say their bit, he tries to understand and only then does he respond with his own thoughts. What I call his EDUCATINGWAY of dealing with others makes him special, because at the end of every conversation he always finds something positive in everyone he speaks to, even when it seems there isn't one.

His desire for knowledge drives him to seek out things he doesn't know. He reads a lot of books and is also moving into writing (he is a contributor for RUNNER’S WORLD magazine in the Netherlands and for HAPPINEZ, and his website,, showcases his “Athletic Emotions” in interviews with fellow athletes).

As someone always looking to learn new things, sport has become one of his many interests. His drive to experience new ATHLETICEMOTIONS – in marathons, triathlons, cycling or the gym – is another way for him to express his explosive energy, before transforming it into emotionally intense writing and stories. He is an indefatigable writer and photographer, teaming powerful images of great imaginative energy with his writing.

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His shots are reasoned and refined. He immediately finds the right image, taking just one or two shots and turning the Emotional into the Visual. His nascent passion for photography is still developing, but I'm sure it will become more important for his growth.

It is interesting to see him CAPTURING A SHOT, how he holds and caresses the camera as he waits for VISUALINSPIRATION , how his eyes dart around looking for a shot. He sees the photo in his head before taking it. In my job, I've seen many well-known photographers around the world, but I haven't found many who can capture the perfect image in just a few shots, but Marius has a natural talent for that.

My article about Marius doesn't just come from the affection and respect I have for him. I think that as MARIUS HORDIJK continues to explore his Life Passions – Psychology, Writing, Photography, Fashion, Sport – and above all as he continues to offer SENSITIVITY and GENEROSITY to others, he will find the strength of his narrative and the best way to be a MAN and a FATHER.

I am convinced his life will be full of WONDERFULREWARDS.

I'm not just writing this article for the sake of it. I'd like other people of Marius's age to see, no matter where they come from, how important it is to study, travel, learn other languages, meet different people and cultures, so that they can build up other stories, make new ones, understand who we are and what we can become, be aware of our talents and write our own story, without prejudice, with an open mind and always ready for discovery.

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