and everything #RESTARTS!

#research #reconvert #reuse #respect. The menswear sales are not yet over, New York fashion week is still going on, and people are still talking about winter 2016/17. And yet we insatiable creative types are already starting work on the new collections for spring summer 2017.

At Pitti Filati, all the talk was about MATERIALITY and how materials can be converted with the Green Economy in mind.

Everything is based on transforming and processing any type of material, which with new technologies and new experimentations can be regenerated into other materials, which creativity can then channel into new designs.

Fashion is increasingly talking about reconverting, reusing, transforming any kind of industrial waste into clothing fibres and yarns. Ecological yarns are made from natural fibres and processed with techniques that safeguard the ecosystem, finished and dyed with non-polluting dyes from fruit such as kiwi, orange, apple, banana, even carrying their fragrance into the fabric.

It's an interesting and exciting new world that opens up a different way of thinking about future collections. Trying to understand how to use creativity to protect our ecosystem will become increasingly important in the fashion industry and will ensure continuing public support.

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I am at MilanoUnica, the trade show that brings together companies in the TEXTILESECTOR, which display their new proposals for S/S 2017 and make their EVERYDAYCOMPANY knowledge available to those looking for something SPECIAL. It's an enormous show taking up 5 large Halls. Each hall groups together different companies that all produce the same type of product.

One hall has woollens from the Biella region, another has shirting fabrics, one has carded wool and fabrics from Prato-based companies, then there is the one with all types of accessories, buttons, zips, ribbons and BITSANDBOBS, and finally the SPECIALGUEST hall dedicated to the wonderful, technological fabrics made by Japanese companies.

Within these MYRIADCOMPANIES there is also a space dedicated to next season's TRENDS, which is organised and curated by a team of specialists (called coolhunters!) who travel the world looking for and identifying NEWEMOTIONS to convey, emotions which are transformed into talks, meetings, colours, materials and graphics.

At MILANOUNICA there were four main THEMATIC AREAS for Spring/Summer 2017: Abyss, Nature and Artifice, Africa Punk and Psycho Beat.

These three days in Milan are intense days spent trawling through all the exciting new fabrics and feeling that Spring/Summer 2017 vibe. They are also a prelude to Première Vision, the largest fabrics, leather and accessories trade show held in Paris, which brings together companies from around the world in a GIGANTICSPACE at Parc d’Expositions.

On Monday 15 February, we are about to take a flight from Florence to C.d.G. Airport in Paris. The flight is over-booked and, like every season, people are already quite IRRITATED. My COLLABORATOR, Anna, and I don't have this problem because we checked in online yesterday.

The plane is full of people we know, such as textile-makers from Prato who are exhibiting their collections at PREMIEREVISION. We get to our hotel in Paris around 4 in the afternoon and have time to unpack before setting off to meet my friend Jacques from #Kiliwatch.

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Kiliwatch has been one of my favourite vintage stores for years and it's a real feast FORMYEYES. Jacques picks out interesting pieces for me and I almost always buy everything he shows me! It's an extraordinary store full of young people looking for the right vintage piece. It's packed with all kinds of stuff and has this great SMELLOFTIME and a real atmosphere of TRENDENERGY.

I love spending a few hours watching the customers, seeing what they buy, how they dress. All kinds of people go there, Plain, Extravagant, Zany, Professionals, people from all over the world who come to PREMIEREVISION.

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It's Tuesday 16 February, the first work day at FIERAVISION. Now is the time to arrange some appointments and immerse ourselves in these IMMENSEHALLS and breathe in the FOREIGNVITALITY, VIGOURANDDETERMINATION, talk and discuss outside of our usual Italian setting, search, explore, pursue, rummage, and sniff out…. what exactly???

Inspiration, impulse, poetry ... in short, that spark that will DRIVEUS towards the future of our collections for SPRINGSUMMER 2017. L O N G L I V E H E A L T H Y S I N C E R E R E S E A R C H.

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