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curated by Stefano Chiassai and Corinna Chiassai
13 June 2018 Pitti Immagine Uomo
Caosordinato Cultural Project - Nuova Libra Editrice

CAOSORDINATO, the book released in 2016 by Stefano Chiassai and Corinna Chiassai, marked the beginning of a broad cultural project encompassing a series of events and installations to encourage dialogue between those working in fashion, design and art. The follow-up, RITMOEMOTIVO, also published by Nuova Libra Editrice, continues the creative and cultural contamination initiated by Stefano Chiassai in collaboration with his daughter Corinna.

This second chapter looks at a grand total of 15,000 pieces of clothing and accessories from the fashion designer's private archive - a collection that will soon be open to all as a work and research hub for everyone in fashion and design. The new book, which has a preface by Raffaello Napoleone and an introduction by Giuliana Parabiago, is an anthology of new outfits that mix and merge different eras, styles and trends from the history of fashion. RITMOEMOTIVO includes three sections - Jacquarding, Uniforming and Sporting - each of which highlights the profile of fashion and its expressive power, with a timeless attitude and autonomous cultural viewpoint.

According to Stefano Chiassai, the work carried out on the clothes and accessories “revives their stories, relates where they come from, their traditions, different cultures and ages in a play of combinations and styles that, after having ‘created order out of chaos’, creates an emotionalrhythm that never stops.”
A game of ‘colourways’ reveals the techniques and the special yarns and accessories used in order to find new ‘creativeimagination’ that is independent and free. Old, contemporary and new come together and make each other stronger, creating a conception of timeless research in which an item's age is much less important than the content it has to convey: Everything is in order - everything is in disorder. Everything can be matched - everything can be mismatched. Everything is right - everything is wrong.

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