Sharing the creative experience far and wide
Palazzo d’Arnolfo - San Giovanni Valdarno

Stefano Chiassai and Corinna Chiassai have created a broad-ranging cultural project out of a desire to elevate research and the concept of archiving. Forging ongoing links between fashion, art and culture, the project features installations and the publication of two books, stimulating dialogue between people working and studying in fashion, design and art.

Valentina Vadi, the Mayor of San Giovanni Valdarno, wanted Stefano and Corinna to share the creative process behind the project with the citizens of the town where Studio Chiassai is based.

The creative experience and the constant dialogue between art, fashion and culture was shared at a round table event chaired by Claudio Marenco Mores, curator and author of specialist fashion and costume books. The discussion was attended by costume historian Aurora Fiorentini, Marie Claire editor in chief Antonio Mancinelli, and Paola Maddaluno, textile design tutor at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts. Representing local business at the event were Piero Giachi, founder and chairman of Jakytex, and Rita Selvaggio, art historian and curator of Casa Masaccio.

As well as discussing Emotionalrhythm and its multi-faceted cultural significance, Stefano and Corinna also presented their latest project, TheCubE - Chiassai Archival Research. Beginning with the concept of printed works focused on the importance of research, the project has now moved from the editorial into the physical space. The archive, represented by a selection of vintage menswear including clothing, accessories, fabrics and magazines, has been designed to be a place of experimentation where the focus is squarely on the search for content and inside which research can be done and creative teams can work.

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