A convincing storytelling.

This new buzzword, storytelling, isn't as new as they would have you think.
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I have always told stories. The fact that I share (there's another modern mantra!) my story with you every week proves that. Commentators point out that telling stories is increasingly central to relationships, but that's always been the case for me.

Telling stories about ourselves has been in fashion ever since social networks changed our way of looking at reality, being present and visible, at all times and everywhere, not just in words but also in images, video and sound.

But it's nothing new; I have always had a mania for words and images and have always used my COLLECTIONBOARDS as stories made out of photos, bits of fabric and phrases cut out of newspapers or jotted down on scraps of paper picked up somewhere (usually on one of my various research trips, I write down my thoughts all the time!).

stefano chiassai studio

These CREATIVEBOARDS (like the moodboards posted on my Pinterest pages) are more like scripts than stories, in the sense that each piece ties in with the others, forming a story or film if you prefer (these are the ones I call my MOTIVATINGTHOUGHTS).

To me, this is the real meaning of storytelling: it's about communicating, conveying something of meaning, creating emotional feelings, awakening memories or images that make the reader feel good or encourage them to open up, express themselves and in turn communicate with others. Communicating has another purpose too: meeting up with someone you haven't seen for a while! To me COMMUNICATING is first and foremost being able to generate EMOTIONALFEELINGS.

It's another reason why I hoard stuff, whether it's objects, ideas or words. There is always a reason behind whatever I am communicating because it is or was part of my work. Sometimes my job is influenced by personal things, but as I've said before, my WORKLIFE is all-encompassing, 24/7, which is why I sometimes get carried away on Instagram .

stefano chiassai studio

I think for stories to live it's essential for there to be two-way traffic on social media. It can't just be ONEWAY, people have to like it… though not everyone, not everything you like has to go VIRAL!!!!!!!!

When I post something, I'm trying to convey a Thought, not trying to get more LIKES. Of course, it's great to have lots of fans and followers, but it's more rewarding to know that those following you do so because they really like what you post. At this point in time, as I've said numerous times in other articles, I think that QUALITY is more important than QUANTITY. What's the point of having lots of followers? Did you know that many Buy followers? Why? Isn't it more interesting and stimulating to create EMOTIONS rather than just an AUDIENCE?

To get back to my main point, storytelling is a talent that needs developing, not a means of persuasion at all costs. Quality content is all about picking the right WORD for your thoughts, an IMAGE consistent with your aesthetic, and a representative SOUND. Whether or not people like your story is up to them.

stefano chiassai studio

Telling stories is interesting and stimulating, but every story must be coherent and NOTSTANDARDISED with other people's stories.

Let's tell stories freely, let's turn our world into a story, whether or not people like it. Some will share it, others will 'like' it, while some will find it boring - what counts is having something to communicate in the first place.

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