The Cube
Chiassai Archival Research

Stefano Chiassai's personal archive aims to become a place of experimentation and interplay by making its carefully selected range of vintage menswear, including clothing, accessories, fabrics and magazines, available to the world of fashion, creatives and researchers.

TheCubE is a place focused on the search for content designed to boost curiosity about history, culture, tradition and innovation. It works as a pivotal asset for fashion designers, students, creatives and scholars, allowing access to over 15,000 pieces collected in 40 years of research around the world.

The project takes shape both in the physical dimension and on a digital platform. The physical space, accessible by appointment only, will be available as an “on location” research and work hub for creative teams. It will also host a running program of collaborations, events, educational workshops for schools, and art projects.

TheCubE's online platform will showcase a stream of creative content on the major social networks with the aim of building a creative community around storytelling. The website will be designed as a research tool, allowing visitors to view and interact with a significant part of the digitalised archive.

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