UNAVITADALEM - The exhibition with Brera

curated by Stefano Chiassai and Paola Maddaluno
8-12th February 2018 Brera Academy of Fine Arts
In collaboration with the Caosordinato Cultural Project
Nuova Libra Editrice

UNAVITADALEM exhibition staged in the Salone Napoleonico at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, curated by Stefano Chiassai and Paola Maddaluno (textile design teacher). LEM stands for Little Ego Man.

His little man shape is the main feature of this exhibition. Created by Brera students and Chiassai, the exhibition focuses on some of the key concepts of men's fashion.

Exploring these themes, the students looked at the “architecture” of the shirt, the jacket and the coat. Thirteen “object-pieces”, designed and made by the Academy students, ideally matched the measurements of the neoclassical sculptures showcased in the Salone Napoleonico. The students' work was exhibited alongside an unexpected fashion show staged by Chiassai.

This collection of 21 outfits from the designer's personal archive was put together in collaboration with “MARCELLOPELLE” (the pseudonym of Marcello Boschi). As Chiassai said: “At this stage in my life, what I find most rewarding is being able to relate my ‘WORKLIFE’ experience to young people who will be the professionals of the future.”

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