Our inspiration books

Since 2016 we are also the proud authors of a series of fashion inspiration books. The first two are based on our vintage archive, the last two books are their own projects, in fact we designed a collection specifically for the editorial project. These unique, one-of-a-kind garments can be cosulted and rented for research at TheCube Archive.

Velvet mi amor

A futuristic vision of the royal fabric par excellence, velvet. Shapes, volumes, experimental printing techniques and unlikely color combinations enhance its versatility.

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A new interpretation of the iconic blue fabric. Denim, enriched with unusual techniques, is presented under a new sartorial light between craftsmanship and new technologies.

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An anthology of new outfits, an expression of the contamination between eras, styles and trends that follow one another in the history of fashion.

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A vintage garment is not just seen as a single piece of clothing but rather as part of a whole look to reveal a new timeless image.

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